Day 2: May 30th – Can I See Your Onward Ticket?

We arrived at the Sydney airport and headed straight to see if we could check in for our flight, then go explore the city during our 13 hour layover. When we got to the desk, the lady asked us for our ongoing travel arrangements….

Our what????? We obviously hadn’t booked anything yet. We hadn’t even gotten to our first stop yet! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN OUR FREEDOM?!?!

Those were Elaina’s actual thoughts in that moment. We just wanted to be free!–to be able to plan on the fly, leave when we were ready to leave, and have an outline of what we wanted to do, but not be constrained by any plans…in case anything really cool happened!!

Well, it seems that’s not the way the world wants us to live. Luckily we did have a 13 hour layover, so we got to work planning the next leg of our trip. Unfortunately, our lack of planning also affected our ability to use our electronics, as we forgot to bring converters and the electrical outlets were definitely different than at home. Once the laptop died, the rest of our flight research had to be done on our phones and/or the tablet.

We finally booked a flight from Auckland, New Zealand back to Brisbane, Australia on June 14th.

There wasn’t anyone at the desk to check us in, so we went to talk to the tourism desk ladies about the train into Sydney. We asked lots of questions, and they kept asking us if we knew how much the train was. Finally the price came out…round trip tickets were $37 EACH. NOPE.

We ended up exploring every inch of the Sydney airport, going to the 2nd floor offices, hanging out outside getting some sun and checking out the sliver of the Sydney skyline we could see from there.

We were so exhausted by the time we had to board our flight to Christchurch…and it was delayed. When we finally got on, we both conked out immediately and slept hard most of the flight. We had arranged a Super Shuttle to take us to our hostel, which was definitely the way to go in Christchurch. *We learned A LOT about navigating into the city from various airports around the world on this trip. It’s different everywhere you go!*

We arrived at the All Stars Inn on Bealey after 1am, 17 hours ahead of our usual Central Standard Time. Our American Express cards wouldn’t work! They required a pin. So weird. We found that to be true in many places throughout New Zealand.

We eventually got into our room, had a tough time winding down and then slept.






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