Day 3: May 31st – Campervaning through NZ

We spent the morning trying to find a good deal on a campervan. Jo called Space Ships and got an awesome deal on our X-Wing!

We had fun talking with the girls working the front desk at the hostel. One of them said we should go to Chiang Mai when in Thailand and Jo asked about if she went to any elephant sanctuaries there?  It turned out she had and highly recommended it!

They asked us if we had “beers” where we live. It took us a second to realize they were actually saying “bears.” Hilarious accent. Jo showed them the picture Carol sent of the bear hanging out on her deck just days prior.

We loaded up our gear, bundled up (it’s winter in NZ!), and ventured out into the rain to catch a bus. Apparently the bus route didn’t go that close to the Space Ships office, so we still had a long walk, but luckily Jo’s phone was working so we had navigation to guide us there.

It took a while to get set up with our van but eventually we hit the road–almost getting smashed on our first attempt to pull into traffic!…Jo is doing a super great job though!…

Our first stop was the Northland Mall to check on some extra hiking shoes for Jo and a cig lighter charger for our phone in the van. The shoes were too expensive and dumb. The cig lighter charger was $13! Everything is so expensive!!!

Picked up some groceries for the van and started trying to figure out where we would camp.

We hit the road toward Kaikoura and decided to camp at the Hurunui Mouth Reserve Campsite. We got a little lost looking for the campsite, and went over a REALLY cool/scary/narrow bridge, but it turned out that was the wrong way. We eventually found the site and 2 other campers were there. It was freezing cold and raining.

The building with the bathrooms was very murdery. We decided Hurunui Mouth meant “the hills have mouths”.

jo in van

We hit the hay about 10pm. Elaina woke up several times, and it was so dark, you couldn’t tell if your eyes were open or closed…CREEPY!  Meanwhile Jo slept sound.


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