Day 7: June 4th – Adventure Capital of the World

We woke up, once again, surrounded by mountains at our campsite, 12 Mile Delta.

We checked out the scenery and snapped some pics, then were greeted by Stewart Rainbow, the campground manager who we had forgotten to pay the night before. Oops.

Then we headed into town to figure out what we were going to do for the day. It took a while, because we had to stop and take a bunch of pics. This place is RIDICULOUS.

view of 12 mile delta campground

We stopped and got gas and groceries. YIKES. This country is expensive.

expensive gas

Then we started figuring out our bungy jumping plan, AKA, Elaina started sweating profusely. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

The weather was so nice–the sun felt great. It was a tough decision for Elaina, but Jo was really excited. We decided to do the original AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge jump. Elaina was very scared.

Elaina didn’t want to think about it too much. Just lean forward, and it’s happening.

We did a tandem jump of 142 feet. It was scary standing up there, but, most of all, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

All the staff who work so hard to make sure people jump safely and have fun are absolutely AMAZING–so nice! Thank you all!

Kawarau Bridge shot

It was absolutely amazing! A lifelong bucket list done in the place Jo wanted to do it–the original home of bungy.

ready to jump

On our way back into town, again we had to stop and admire the views.

We went into town to walk around, and went to check out the Queenstown Gardens, which were getting set up for an event.

The Queenstown Gardens had disk golf, tennis, lawn bowling…tons of fun stuff. We stayed around for the event, LUMA Southern Light Project.

Queenstown Luma

There was a beer garden that was all underneath this huge tree, with strings of lights throughout its branches. There were heat lamps and a DJ and a guy making balloon animals…?!

We went back into town and grabbed a Fergburger.


We got back in the van and headed out to our campsite.

Where will we wake up tomorrow? We shall see!


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